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  Ningbo HongYi Machinery Co.,Ltd. is an export-oriented enterprise, and integrates industry and trading with owned investment casting foundry, specilized in manufacturing and exporting various kinds of machinery products by OEM way, stainless steel investment castings, alloy steel lost wax castings, carbon steel lost wax castings with all types of machining service etc.

Ningbo is one of the famoust industrial city in China, NHYMC as one of leading supplier in casting field, exported 7,800 metric-tons of investment castings in the last year. Along with the current requirements of international markets, more and more customers wanted us to provide them not only high quality level castings, but also with full complete assembly service in multi-processes, such as CNC metal processing parts, aluminum castings, zamak castings, forging, stamping, rubber and plastic etc. hence, to covers all kinds of machinery & engineering business is our commercial tendency, we are dedicated to bridge the oversea customers to other machinery products manufacturers in Ningbo with our technical, commercial and logistics support. we believe our strong team with good business experience can make the quality control and in-time delivery as easy as you work at your home office....

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